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Frequently Asked Questions:

Vega Septic and Environmental installs all types of systems. Contact Us today for a quote. Please see our frequently asked questions below for help with understanding the basics of Septic System installations.

1.) What is the price of a Septic System?

One of the most frequent questions asked is the price for installing a new Septic System. There are many types of Septic Systems and each system has different requirements. The most important consideration in determining which system will be installed is dependent upon the soil conditions at the site. A licensed site evaluator can analyze the conditions of the soil at the site and determine which type of Septic System will be installed. Before an estimated price is given, the type or class of the soil must be known, along with other factors such as location of the system and number of bedrooms in the home. An approximate range for a standard size residential home is $ 7,000 –  $25,000.00


2.) What are the first steps in installing a system?

The first and most important step in installing a Septic System is determining which type of system is to be installed. A site evaluator must visit the lot and perform a soil analysis by examining the profile holes, which should be excavated on the proposed location of the drain field. The site evaluator must also determine the location of the Septic System and its components, in reference to the size of the lot, proper drainage, slope, setbacks, topography, flood hazard, and separation.

A design of the Septic System, along with the permitting paperwork will be proposed to the regulating county or licensing authority that is in your jurisdiction.

Once a permit to construct an on-site sewage facility is issued and received your site is ready for a system installation.


3.) What are test holes / profile holes?

The first step in performing a soil analysis is to dig profile holes. A technician will use a backhoe machine to dig holes, approximately 2 feet wide by 3- 5 feet deep, depending if rock is present or not. Test holes are required to be located at the opposite ends of the drainfield.



We can also help you with permitting for new Septic Tank Installations:

Listed below is helpful information for local licensing agencies.

Travis County


Phone: (512)854-9383



Travis County TNR

PO Box 1748

Austin, TX 78767

Attn: Permits

Hays County


Phone: (512) 393-2150



Hays County Environmental Health

1251 Civic Center Loop

San Marcos, Texas 78666  

Phone 512-393-2150

Fax 512- 393-2190

Local Colorado River Authority – (L.C.R.A)


Phone: (512) 473-3216 or 1-800-776-5272, Ext.. 3216

Fax: (512) 473-3501




3701 Lake Austin Blvd.

Miller Building, first floor

(512) 473-3216 or 1-800-776-5272, Ext.. 3216